Friday, August 31, 2012

Really....what am I doing?

I am a 63 year old divorced granny and I have just put my home in Austin under contract for sale. As my sister would say "Yippie Skippie".  Do I have a new home to move I really have a place to go....maybe.  I have agreed to give most of my furniture to a new venture that my youngest son is involved with, so I have my bed, a few antiques ( including me) and my toothbrush.  I am going to give away most of my closet, who needs 100+ pair of shoes, not me and why did I ever think I did. If you are a 7.5 or 8 give me a call, I can give DSW a run for their $$$.  I plan on taking as few clothes w/me as I can.  My sister (bless her heart) has agreed to let me stay with her until I can get a house built.  Did I say house, I meant to say cabin, just room for me and a little loft for the grandchildren to sleep in when/if they can find me.

Sis lives in Alba (by God) Texas and that is where I am heading.  My first thought is, the closest really good hospital is in Dallas, will my insurance cover the chopper cost?  I cannot stop myself from smiling I am really looking forward to this new adventure.  Did I mention Sis is married and her sweet hubby has agreed to this, he likes my cooking as long as there are no vegetables, only green beans, no garlic, and nothing that he or three of his men friends cannot pronounce. My thinking is, if I keep him in Jack Daniels he will eat anything I put in front of him, this should be such fun.......

Of course I will miss my sons and their families.  I want to go on record and say that my sons married the most beautiful, sweet, tolerant, smart women in Austin, or anywhere for that matter.  And they have given me the most wonderful present a person can ever grandchildren.  Get ready you will get so tired of hearing about them and all of their adventures, what am I saying I am leaving and wont see all of this as it happens, oh well, you will get it secondhand just like me.

They (my family) are not the reason I am moving.  I have loved being such a part of their lives and they have been so generous with their time and have been very patient with my being so close.  But, I am ready to live a different life, not sure what it will be and maybe I will not recognize it when it sneaks up on me, but I am willing to be open to the adventure. Thank you Cord and Cole for a least paying lip service to your mom's crazyness.  You have helped make this easy for me...on the other hand....can't wait to see me go, we'll help you pack, surely you guys know how much I love you.

I really feel as though I am so blessed.  I keep asking myself why and will the bottom fall out and everything turn to ....  or whatever.  Another note to self, at your age cussing is not pretty, try and cut back.

I hope to keep all posted on NETTIE'S NEW ADVENTURE or more like the title What the hell am I doing?  But then.....we really don't want the answers the questions are such fun.

Keeping it Fun


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  1. Oh my goodness. Jeannette! I just found out that you are about to embark on a big, new adventure and I'm so excited for you! It is going to be great and thank you for doing this - I needed an inspiration. Truly - I believe in things like this and I love that you are listening to your inner voice and giving it a chance to speak up. As my Mama always says "If it doesn't work out - you can always come back." But it WILL work out, because you have a great spirit and joy for life - now I know that's where Cord gets it from. I'm just sooooo excited for you. Big Hugs, Joni K. p.s. I can certainly help you with the shoes if needed ; )