Monday, October 22, 2012


Yes folks that is me, I have no home.  Everything I still own after giving away sooooo much is stored. I am living out of my suitcase.  I am at present living on the good graces of my son Cord and his wife Anne.  I am roughen it at their sweet digs in Austin.  I have my own room and full bath plus most of the walk-in closet.  They might not be able to get rid of me, just call me King of the Road, no food no rent etc....etc......

My UHaul experience was AWFUL.......I still have not sent letter to corporate asking for some sort of reimbursement for the POS I was driving.....a 3.5 hour drive which might have been 4.5 given that I was driving so slow with my load and it required gas every 150 miles took me 12 Hours*****!!!!!! U Haul is all sweet to you as long as you are in possession of their truck but when you go to turn it in, all the assurances they give you about making up for the brakes or lack of and time to fix and so forth, is just so many words and a nice go F&%$ yourself we have your $$ and our truck back and there isn't much you can do about it.  I will make it my mission in life to bad mouth them every chance I get. I figure you don't have to go tell it on a mountain just post it on Facebook.

This is Granny Jenny's favorite time of the year "Halloween"  the old witch just loved this holiday.  She wasn't much on Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter but Halloween was worth waiting for. So far I have gone to two functions with my grandchildren and the big day is not even here.  It will be hard pressed for anyone to come up with a better costume than Anne, a glamorous Miss Piggy after by-pass surgery, Kermit would turn pink.  Son Cole is going as "The Beast" and his daughter as Belle that being her favorite story, she will be in heaven: Note to Cole: quit bitching about the cost of the costume it will be more than worth it for the memories.

Cole has just in the past few weeks opened up his new venture "The Last Resort Recovery Center" and it is going strong,  projections were for 1 or 2 clients the first month and we now have 4 with 2 more possible next week, hope we have enough beds.  Wish there was no need in the world for this type of business but the reality is that there are not enough beds for those who have a need.  Check out his web site.

Cord is talking to reality TV about his Fool's Roll event.  Someone contacted him about the possibility and he is going to see if there is a fit for it on TV, if Honey BooBoo can make it he is a sure bet.

I was fortunate to go with oldest granddaughter Tatum on a field trip today to "Crows Nest Farm" with her kindergarten class......a fun time was had by all.  I am still in my overalls and bath has my name on it as I got to chase and catch a runaway chicken, Tatum was much impressed with Granny, as I was with myself, if that small boy had not stepped on it I could not have done it, thank you boy in blue shirt.

Enjoy the season and cooler temps and if you have a spare room (with private bath, I am picky) let me know, I am turning into a great bum.


Monday, September 24, 2012



I am boxed. Ready to pick up my U-Haul tomorrow morning.  The movers will load me and I will be off to East Texas.  Jeannine has some local (read that Kent's friends) movers to unload my treasures and I will be living out of a suitcase for a few months.  Did I mention that I hate to box up my house.  I could not hire movers to do it as I had so many things to sort out.  I filled my trunk with papers that I had shredded, bank statements and such, a TRUNK LOAD for one little old lady!!!  I have given away all my shoes, clothes and hats, in addition all of the toys for the gbabies that I will no longer have room for, not that I had room for them in my present place but felt I needed them.  Now when the kids visit it will be outdoor fun and fishing, none of this stay in house stuff, I HOPE.

My office furniture was picked up for the Last Resort about 10 days ago and all of my computer stuff was unplugged.  I didn't try and re-connect as it all has to be packed so I have been free of computers and my land line.  I have only been accessible by cell phone or snail mail, and since I only check my mail boxes about once every three weeks I have been really hard to find, that is unless you went by my house where my head was in a box and my phone was "somewhere" under a pile of "something".  I finally just gave up trying to answer the damn thing and would catch up on calls after bath time.  I stripped my bed this morning so I could pack clean sheets so I will be sleeping in my club chair with my feet propped up on the ottoman, should be a really good nights sleep.  I think I counted about 10 pieces of furniture I have left, I am traveling light.  In reality I still have enough "stuff" to fill two cabins the size I am building, soooooo I guess I will have to sort thru all this again when I get ready to move in, maybe I will just put a match to it.

I got to keep my sister-in-law in the divorce seeing as she is one of my best friends and she has agreed to take me to Love Field after I finish moving my things into storage so I can fly back to  Austin.  My house does not close until the 3rd of October and I still have to have it cleaned and all of the utilities cut off and change my mail and move my banking. soon as I get back to Austin I am having a manicure, toecure and a massage, I have earned it.

As I write I am at Cord and Anne's house babysitting Banks (almost 2 yrs).  He is real easy as he sleeps thru my entire sit.  I have taken control of Cords computer and I hate his keyboard.  It is shaped funny and falls of to the side and I feel as though I am typing at a snails speed, so with that in mind I will bid you all a farewell until after I get my things stored away.  Wish me luck with my  big U-Haul and pray for all of the other folks on the road.

On the road again.......jet

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cole's Little Miners

Those check out stand displays really work, I buy more stupid magazines and gum than I can stand.  While waiting to check out at Home Depot this week I saw something "cute".  Little head bands with a light attached to it, these were made for children, Tinker Bell and Cars logo.  Latter that day as I was loading my trunk with some other purchases Cross spies these treasures.  He ask what they are and I tell him, of course he wants it as does sister Cannan.  You know I can't say no.  So now they are both walking around with miner lights on their foreheads.  I got a text message that night from their Dad saying that it looked like a light saber match in progress in their bedroom, about an hour after than I got a second text saying they were still up and he was just hoping the F&%$#ng batteries would run out. Good thing it was late and he was to tired to drive over and beat me up.  Hee hee, the joys of being a granny.

I went to Tatum's school today to surprise her and have lunch together.  I came armed with a small cheese pizza some fruit and apple juice.  She was happy to see me but wanted to go thru the line and get her lunch, I had heard from her Mommy that she was eating a lot of baked potatoes and sure enough that was her choice.  She looked so grown up with the other kindergartners.  Even if she wasn't interested in the pizza some of her classmates were, she made a lot of friends with several of the little boys.  We held hands and walked out of lunch with the others in her class and I left her to go to her next big, to soon too sad.

I have started packing my house for the sale, there are some things I wish I couldn't do and unfortunately I am a pretty good packer, I have had plenty of practice and I am to cheap to hire a mover to do what I am capable of doing myself.  A lot of my things are going to The Last Resort and other than some clothes and personals the rest of my things are going to storage.  I am also giving away "stuff" that the Resort doesn't need and I don't want.  Feels good to lighten the load.

While I was going thru some furniture I came across my Grandmothers obituary.  It made me smile and I want to share it.

On April 28th at 10 a.m. family and friends gathered to celebrate a life.  Jennie Lorenen McBride Tatum passed from this earth on April 26, 2007 at Green Acres Nursing Home.  She was born in Davis, Oklahoma on August 18, 1909 to Jim and Ida Mae Mcbride.

She was sister to Jessie, Dellar, Myrtle and Lillie.  She was Mother to Bobbie Jo and monster-in-law to Vandell Oler and Douglas Fenter.  Along the way she mothered four grand kids: Jeannette, Johnny, Jackie and Jeannine; three step-grands: Judy, Susie and Danny; 13 great-grands, 15 great-great-grands and two great-great-great-grands.  WOW!  There may be more, if you were left out, contact us.

Jennie lived a full life that was filled with joy and abundance.  At  97 she all used up and slid into her grave with a smile on her face saying, "Wow, what a ride!"

We know not one soul that had the love of life and pure day-to-day joy that Granny did.  She made every day count.  She might not have been the best housekeeper, buy you were always welcome, the best cook, but you always left the table full or the best seamstress in the county but here quilts would keep you warm.   Outside was always more fun than inside and the garden was more fun than washing dishes, the cows and chickens were more fun than washing clothes but nothing was more important than family.

Granny had a wonderful style all her own.  She wore shorts when grandmothers didn't but she was the coolest granny because she knew when and where to wear them.  Granny was never considered prim and proper, but who wants prim and proper when you can have a "Fatty" as Grandpa called her. Buster loved Fatty and Fatty loved Buster.  Bobbie Joe didn't have just a mother, she had a best friend and someone to help raise her four young'ns. "I love you" was a phase reserved for Buster and Bobbie, and although we knew we were loved by her, she never singled us out by telling us so.  Her response was "And I think a lot of you kids, too."

This was not a sad passing of a loved one - it was a celebration of a life well lived.

Everyone will miss Jennie, but after a brief sense of loss all the memories will flood over us and they will be relived and passed on for many years to come.  No sorrow, only joy in the knowledge that we were able to share her amazing life's journey.

We loved you Granny, and we know you thought a lot of us kids too.

R.I.P.  Granny Jennie   You were loved

Good nigh to all

Saturday, September 8, 2012


A Parents Finest Hour

You just have to love children they are so innocent.  Take tonight as an example.  I went to dinner with Cole, Tara and the kids.  We had our dinner on an outside patio and had finished our meal, we were enjoying winding down and the kids were making wishes putting pennies in the fountain and being as sweet as a 4 and 5 year old can be.  From our table we had a great view of the entire patio,  the sidewalk and stores that surround it.  Cole had gotten up to talk to someone and Tara and I were still at the table when I see a horrified look on Tara's face. Cross, my 5 year old grandson, had gone to the curb to relieve his self in the street, it was obvious that he had been holding it a   l o n g  time.  Okay folks what do you do?  You cannot make him stop in mid stream, you cannot scream at him for fear he will turn and hose down anyone near him, you have to let him took forever.

After he finished, Cole raced to him and almost scared another bodily function out of him by pulling up his pants at light speed.  Cole lead him back to our table so mom could explain to him the finer points of dinning in public and let him know that it was not his job to entertain the other patrons. While mom is doing this dad is apologizing to the other outside diners and passing shoppers.  I am just hoping I can keep from snorting my margarita out my nose.  Tara also takes this opportunity to tell dad that sharing a bathroom break with their son in the great outdoor of their backyard might not be such a good idea and to please put a stop to it......look what it has led to.  I wish her good luck with that.  I am surprised that we do not see this more often, as my experience has been that whenever there is fresh air......I was about to say green grass or trees abut I think only fresh air is a requirement, men are going to take advantage of it or at least take a leak in it.

 Cole and Tara do have a daughter, who loves her daddy and is very headstrong.......this could get really interesting.  Monkey see monkey do.

This got me to thinking about my boys when they were young, there was a lot of tinkle time Al fresco  in our yard and on the farm, but to my recollections no public bathroom breaks.

Maybe kids these days are just not as uptight as we were growing up.......I can't wait to take Cross to the ballet....this could be fun.  Granny can always blame it on their upbringing.

I did bring the kids home with me to spend the night, as I type they are both in my bed and I am heading to the guest room.  I sure hope my bed is dry in the morning.

Sweet dreams

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Wonder

I Wonder......

I wonder what I will be doing this time next year

I wonder if my house will close as it is supposed to

I wonder if Cole's new venture will be successful

I wonder if Cord will ever slow down

I wonder if my grandchildren will forget me

I wonder if I can tend a garden and keep chickens

I wonder if I will get a dog

I wonder if I can live a really simple life

I wonder who I will vote for this year

I wonder if I can get thru all of this political "stuff" and not throw a brick thru my tv.  I wonder how both parties think they have all the answers...when in fact, to me, both parties are full of it. This is the first time in a long time I cannot stand either canidate, surely there is SOMEONE who is worth voting for.

I wonder if I will sleep thru the night

I wonder if the ice cream in my freeze will stop calling my name

I wonder if I will talk myself out of walking in the morning, I did this morning, I walked this evening, it was really dark when I finished

I wonder how long it will take me to pack my house

I wonder if I will every fit in my skinny clothes that are in my closet.

I wonder if I will find a good home for all my shoes and hats, that's right I said hats

I wonder if all my fishing gear is in good shape, I know it is in better shape than me

I wonder when we get to stop worrying about our children and grandchildren, even if there is really nothing to worry about and if we are not worrying about them what takes their place

I wonder what we would think about if we were not so worried........

I wonder when I last cleaned out my refrigerator......maybe I will start with the freezer

I wonder................good night

Wonder Woman

Monday, September 3, 2012


LABOR DAY .... suggested name change ...... SLOTH DAY

Labor?? What Labor?  Great day...yes sir.  Friends and family, how nice to have both.  I got lucky I really do love my family and the people who picked me for their friend are pretty terrific.  I really enjoy spending time with both.  Hope your day was filled with both family, friends and maybe a little good food...and none of that icky labor stuff.

Before the concert last night, I had dinner with Cord and Cole at Hop-Daddy.  Cord has been telling me for months that I should eat there, their speciality is hamburgers and to be truthful I am about hamburger-out.  It seems that when I was growing up or very young I could not get enough of them, I was still in  hamburger mode while the boys were young and we had a lot of them, now that I am old and can eat them whenever I want, they do not appeal to me, especially the fast food type, I too think "Where's the Beef".  However, Hop Daddy's does it right, run don't walk the next time you want a good burger, but be prepared for a wait.  You are welcome for the plug, but it is sincere.

Can you say great concert, thank you Lyle Lovett.  He put on a wonderful show at Austin City Limits. This was the first time I had been at the new venue and it is a fabulous addition to Austin, it was also the first time I have seen Lyle (we are on a first name basis) in person and he puts on a great show, I so enjoyed his Large Band, such talent.

I love this mix of country, jazz, blues and whatever else he throws in.  My foot tapped and my head rocked all night long. But I was a wee bit disappointed:

If Ford is to Chevy what Dodge is to Chrysler, what corn flakes are to Post-toasties
What the clear blue sky is to the deep blue sea, What Hank Williams is to Neal Armstrong...
Could you doubt that we were made for each other?

Look- I understand too little to late, I realize there are things you say and do you can never take back, but, what would you be if you never tried.  So after a lot of thought I would like to reconsider.......would you please make it a cheese-burger

(or at least a Hop Daddy)

Well at least I do have a reason to go see him again, other than he is worth seeing, but maybe just maybe he will sing my favorite song.

Labor- less day hope you had the same


Sunday, September 2, 2012


OMG....just home from Lego Fest.  Cole, Cross and I had tickets and since Cross, almost 5 years, is lego possessed,  off we go.  We meet at I Hop for breakfast and to fuel up on coffee and sugar before we undertake such a mission.  Cross was soooooo happy about his adventure.  We were able to park on the street not to far from the convention center and walk a couple of blocks in the nice morning bustle of other Lego enthusiast.  We did not have to wait more than 10 minutes until they opened the gates to Cross Heaven.

I wish for everyone to see a child (or anyone for that matter) with so much joy on their face for such a prolonged period of time. Cross was in awe but not so much that it stopped him from running from one station to the next.  He didn't even have to talk, he would just run to "something" and stare at it and then look at us with eyes that said "Can you believe this?" Everything was perfect, until......we came to the Lego store.   Okay so we broke his heart and did not let him buy everything he wanted, but in fact he already owns a great many of the things that were offered.  But we did put a dent in the ye old credit card, some things we are keeping until his birthday but he went home with 2 kits to assemble, a tee shirt, and a storage bag (this was bought with Mom in mind so she doesn't run right over and kill granny), we also have a few wall posters and some mini figures.  We did take a few minutes off for a Power Aid stop to replenish our energy.

The highlight for me was seeing him in the "Lego Brick Pile" probably a 500 sq.ft. area of space that is just Lego pieces on the floor.  Let loose your imagination.  Kids were making "Lego Angles" in the stuff.  I buried Cross up to his neck and it looked as tho that was where he would like to take his nap. After about 2 hours he called it quits and said he was ready to go home, I think he would have stayed longer but we refused to let him open his new toys and assemble them there so home was the only option.  I wonder how many Legos walk out the door unpaid for, I know I had to shake my shoes out more than once.

That made for a great morning and I am looking forward to a great evening.  Lyle Lovett tonight, Cord is taking his dear old mom to the show.  Cord likes Lyle but Anne is not a big enough fan to come back into town from Horseshoe Bay and drive back out.  Anne's family has the most amazing place ever on Horseshoe Bay.  Anne's dad, Scott, is a boat enthusiast, and not just any boats but antique wood "Chris Craft" boats.  He has some of the most beautiful boats I have ever seen, I will take a guess and say he has 5, I know he had at least 4 the last time I was out, and it seems he bought another one.  They can all  be seen from the living rooms of the main house.  I would bet on weekends and especially holiday weekend like today there are people lined up just to look at the boats from the water.

I think I might break my own rule and take a nap during the day, if I ever go to sleep when I am putting any of the grand kids down, and I am talking even 15 minutes, I am out of luck when it comes to sleeping at night.  I will be awake all and I mean ALL night.  But for some reason Lego Land has  put me into a sleepy trance and I think I will risk the danger so I can truly enjoy Lyle without falling on my face.

Have a great and SAFE Labor Day